Causes Of Hearing Impairment To Help People Live Ideal Life

Problems associated with hearing is on a significant rise, people from every corner of the world are experiencing and are facing the issue, which definitely increases several eye-brows. According to the statistics shared by World Health Organisation or WHO, around 360 million people, which stand to around 5% of the entire population, worldwide, are facing the hearing loss problem. If proper precautions are taken, half of the hearing loss cases can be avoided.


The level of hearing loss can be mild, moderate, severe or profound, that can affect one or both ears and can lead to difficulty in hearing conversational speech or loud sounds. The causes that affect the ear need to be understood carefully in order to prevent it from expanding. The causes that are responsible for hearing impairment among adults include the following:

  • Otosclerosis- It is a disease that affects the tiny bones of the middle ear. It is responsible for causing conductive type of hearing loss which can be treated with proper care and technique.

  • Meniere Disease- Affecting the inner ear, this disease usually begins in individuals aged between 30 to 50 years. A person with this type of disease is often known to be suffering from sensorineural hearing loss, vertigo, ringing in the ear and sensitivity to loud sounds. It is managed and maintained by the professionals or specialists that help the individuals to prevent the hearing loss from becoming permanent.

  • Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease- This sudden-onset hearing loss is dramatic and fast and should be medically- treated from preventing it from becoming mild to severe hearing loss.

  • Ototoxic Medications- There are several drugs available in the market which can cause hearing loss. The ototoxic medications are the phenomenon as a result of which impairment in ears are caused due to medicines and drugs. A Professional hearing loss center recommends the patients to stop using the drug which causes hearing loss and also makes them understand the side-effects.

  • Very Loud Noise- Known to all, extremely loud noise over long period of timecan causes permanent hearing loss. It is a usually painless way of hearing loss but results in tremendously drastic hearing loss which can result to lessen or significantly cutting the hearing power and strength of the individual.

  • Acoustic Neuroma- This is an example of tumor which possesses the ability to hearing loss. There is medical treatment for acoustic neuroma which is specifically performed by the professionals and specialists of the industry.

  • Physical Head Injury- This can lead to damage of the middle ear structures which ultimately can cause hearing loss to the individual. The cause of physical head injury cam be accidents or other reasons.

  • Presbycusis- This is a sensorineural hearing loss which happens gradually later period of life. It results in hearing unclear and sound muffled.


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