Opting For The Right Professional Hearing Test With Pure Tone Audiometry

Right in future, you may need a hearing test as considered. There are two types of tests which one might encounter right as an adult. One can take part in audiometry as well as speech discrimination tests of pure tone. Before opting for any of these tests, keep an open mind.


The Types Of Hearing Tests

The discrimination hearing test is something one may encounter. This will test the ability to recognize as well as repeat words. If one has lost the ability to hear right from age, then it could be that you do not have the ability to hear higher frequency sounds. If this is the case then the discrimination test can surely help you to understand the percentage of words which one should be able to understand with or without the aid device.

The Pure tone audiometry tests usually offer various tones and it will be your job to show sign as you hear them. They can be given in different ways to tell what is being tested. Usually air conduction is being tested if being given through headphones. This is the way of looking at the ear considering the inner and outer ear. Usually bone conductor is another way one can listen to tones. If it is done in that way then you will know what is being measured with inner ear’s capabilities to hear. This instrument is usually a vibrator which is set on mastoid bone right behind your ear.

Usually it is not unknown to what it frightens people. Never let the thought of hearing test frighten you. If you are an adult then it should be very difficult and one should be able to find out what one need to know. If there are questions then never be afraid to ask for second opinion or even retest the same location.

There are various things which can affect the result of hearing test. Allergies, fluid in ears and wax build-up can cause bad results. Even after the ear check up, you believed it was skewed then you should consult Ear, Nose and Throat doctor given the necessary treatment. This should be done before testing but it may not be depending on the audiologist or a clinic which sells aid devices.


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