Types Of Hearing Aids To Perfectly Resolve Your Hearing Impairment Issues

The hearing is one of the basic necessities of people of all ages. Some people faces problem in their ear gradually as they age, whereas on the other hand there are also people who experience the hearing inability since their childhood. Yet again, there are also cases where the problem of ear inability occurs in people due to their hereditary issues or due to any accident.

The number of people with hearing inability is increasing at a rapid pace in the modern days. People are becoming conscious of their abilities and inabilities and are working towards resolving their problem for living a subtle and excellent life. They are visiting the doctor, consulting the specialists and are getting ready to seek assistance to resolve their inability before it starts taking a toll on their life.


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Although everybody is getting ready to deal with these issues, they are concerned about whether or not it will affect their lifestyle and their overall look and appearance. The most common way that people adopt to deal with their impairment is the use of the hearing aids.

These aids are a result of the technologically advanced inventions which allow the people with hearing inability to get the required help. Although it does not promise to restore the listening ability but plays a key role in improving it by amplifying the soft sounds and helping the people to hear the sounds which was difficult to be audible.

Variations Of Hearing Aids:

Keeping in mind the necessity and need of the people all around the world, the industry has introduced different types of hearing aids. These aids are available in various size, shape, and colour. The different types of aids can be summed up in the following points:

  • Completely-In-The-Canal or CIC- It perfectly fits inside the ear canal and plays a major role in improving mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.
  • In-The-Canal or ITC- This aid is custom moulded and it fits partly in the ear canal. It is used in improving the mild to moderate hearing impairment among adults.
  • In-The-Ear or ITE- Available in two styles- one, that fills the bowl-shaped area of the outer ear and other that fills the lower part of the outer ear, this aid can be customised according to your own style and preferences. Both the styles are perfectly apt for the people who are suffering from mild to severe level of hearing impairment.
  • Behind-The-Ear or BTE- As the name suggests, this aid is used behind the ear, which makes it invisible to others. It hooks over the top of your ear and the custom earpiece perfectly fits in the ear canal. It is perfect for people of all ages and goes well for every type of hearing issues.
  • Receiver-In-The-Canal or RIC- It is similar to the style of the behind the ear hearing aid, but is less visible than that and is also available for people of different age group.
  • Open Fit- The open fit hearing aid keeps the ear canal of the individual open and allows the low-frequency sounds to enter the ear naturally and the high-frequency sounds enter the ear through this aid.

Features Of Hearing Aids:

The different Hearing Aids Types are equipped with the right kind of features that ensure making improving the hearing ability of the individuals and deliver them with the right kind of aid to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. The various features which are common to most of the aids available in the market include the following:

  • Noise Reduction- It helps the people to adjust the pitch of the noises according to their own preferences and requirements.
  • Rechargeable batteries- When it comes to the batteries of these aids, the technology has advanced to a great level and people are allowed to recharge their batteries which do not require them to spend a lot of money on the same equipment over and over again.
  • Wireless Connectivity- This is a very modern and effective feature which allows the individuals to perfectly enjoy the wonderful wireless connections between their hearing aids and certain Bluetooth-compatible devices.
  • Variable Programming- There are certain aids which have been invented with variable programming options to allow the individuals to store the several settings for various listening needs and requirements.
  • Synchronization- For all individuals who face the problem of having two hearing aids in both their ears, this program serves as the best function. It allows them to adjust the sound quality and sound level of one ear when compared to the other ear.

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